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Compris and SMART Recovery Looking For Volunteers For Our Joint Study

Hi Everyone,

We're excited to share that our SMART Recovery pilot study is underway. We are interested in learning how Compris’ guidance helps people understand their strengths, risks, and recovery support needs, including harm reduction.

To learn more visit:

In addition to looking at the needs of those in recovery, we'd like to learn more about the general population. If you are not part of SMART Recovery but would like to participate in the study, you can take the assessment here. You will receive your own personalized report including your risks, resiliences, and motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

The more we can learn, the better we can help people.

The current treatment paradigm for substance use disorders (SUD) is broken. One in five struggle with substance addictions. Only one in 200 recover in the first year. That’s because addictions are chronic illnesses treated like acute ones. As a result, it takes 17 years to get 50% addiction recovery rates while those with other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, get there in just one year. We believe it’s a stigma-driven measurement problem.

Our first-of-its-kind digital tool for substance misuse and those at risk, can predict risk to help prevent addictions, and promote recovery. Its innovative BUILD© model’s proprietary technology is designed to save lives and money.

By treating addictions like other chronic illnesses, Compris shifts the conversation from stigma to inclusion. Our mission is to make precision addiction care accessible and stigma-free so that everyone can get the help they deserve to live a healthy and resilient life.

Ask us how we can help you with workplace wellness. Providers, please sign up for your free trial. To learn more, visit

Stay safe and healthy,

Thank you.

Joyce and Calvin


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