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Why is measuring risk and resilience at the heart of workplace wellness?

Workplace wellness is a hot topic in HR circles, especially post pandemic—so how do you measure wellness in your company? Moreover, how do your wellness programs help employees become more satisfied, do better work, and avoid critical accidents or injury?

These days, wellness has become a catchphrase without any teeth. Most programs look at the obvious—sleep, diet, and exercise. As important as these are, they ignore the more nuanced truth that includes motivation, readiness, and resilience needed for any behavior change to stick.

Compris does things differently. As a prediction and prevention driven solution, our focus is risk and resilience. Using our proprietary BUILD® model, we can measure a person’s risk of developing behavioral health challenges, including addictions. But that’s only half the equation. Compris also identifies and measures employee resilience resources needed to effect and sustain lasting change for authentic wellness.

Simply put, we measure where your employees are currently at, and what kind of programs and initiatives, self-guided or otherwise, it will take to help them feel and function better at home and at work.

Let’s use “Joe” as an example. He’s an IT Director at a mid-sized company. In the IT industry, companies lose an estimated $14,000 per year for each person with substance misuse, including nicotine and binge drinking. In the past, Joe’s performance was driven, productive, and inspirational to others. Lately, Joe has been having trouble showing up on time and focusing on routine tasks. He’s become less sociable at work, avoids interaction with coworkers and staff, and drinks after work to unwind.

Joe’s workplace sends out a benefits email with a link to Compris. Joe sees it and decides it’s worth a try. He takes the anonymous 15-minute assessment, accessible from any computer or mobile device. His results pop up on his screen almost immediately. When Joe gets his Compris wellness profile he’s surprised to see that he has a tendency for negative thinking, putting him at higher risk for nicotine, alcohol, opiates, and/or benzos. Joe is already a smoker. He can also see more clearly how his alcohol use has progressed and may be contributing to what he’s noticing at work.

Resilience factors are also part of Joe’s wellness profile. He sees several resources he’d forgotten about, that he can work on to counter what he’s experiencing. These include things like his sense of humor, the support of family and friends, and having more hobbies. Presented with his results, he realizes how much his risk factors and low resilience are affecting his work. Joe decides to seek help.

This is just one example of how Compris can empower employees to engage with their wellness and take advantage of workplace benefits to support them. Compris can be taken alone or with a provider, and Joe can repeatedly check his motivation and resilience progress. With more effective prevention, early intervention, and progress measures, Joe’s company can save $12,800 during his first year of recovery (per National Safety Council).

Compris can be activated in your company safely and anonymously. The key to cost effective and impactful employee wellness programming is early identification for prevention. If an issue is identified, resilience progress can optimize employee self-advocacy and growth.

Over 40% of people self-refer to treatment. The current path takes 17 years for most people to maintain recovery from an addiction. In the meantime, they and their employers continue to bear the burden of absenteeism, decreased productivity, turnover, and healthcare costs. A solution that looks at risk AND resilience, with next steps guidance like Compris, can shorten that time to a year or less.

So how do you know if your programs are effective? Compris can help you find out.

Take this quiz to find out how effective your company's program is —or contact us for a demo.

Not a company owner but are curious about your risk and resilience? Get your free report by clicking here.


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