A Behavioral Health & Addiction Solution for Workplace Wellness

Improve employee wellness
Increase productivity
Reduce turnover and replacement costs



15-30 minute


Delivers the 

Compris Wellness

Profile© immediately

Actionable results for

lasting wellness 

and resilient lives




EAPs need assistance connecting employees with providers (e.g. primary care, addiction specialists, medication assisted treatment). The current shortage of experienced providers and long wait times, leaves a gap that Compris can fill.  Compris provides Employee Assistance Programs the tool to assess, predict risk, and refer employees to treatment with its individualized guidance.


Our workplaces look very different today, due to COVID-19. The stresses that employees suffer, and those in particular dealing with a chronic illness such as addiction, prompt isolation and increased despair, resulting in reduced engagement and overall job performance. The Compris addiction assessment is a 15-30-minute self-report available online. It delivers the Compris Wellness Profile©  to your employees immediately upon completion, including resilience, motivation, prevention options and how to find a provider.  Results are completely secure and private.


The Compris Assessment© offers Employee Assistance Program benefits that will improve the health, resilience and overall quality of life for these at-risk employees. We believe that use of Compris will increase EAPs confidence to add routine addiction assessment, and ultimately improve workplace productivity and job contentment. Fostering hope and resilience creates healthier and more productive employees.


To learn more about the Compris Assessment, the Compris Wellness Profile© and how you can access this groundbreaking assessment tool, please contact us.


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