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"Your First Stop For Addiction Treatment Help". Compris' First Podcast (formerly McRISC):

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce our first podcast, just released. This interview, primarily with Calvin, took place in February with Mark Leeds D.O. and since that time there have been some changes to our product as follows:

1. At this time we’re not releasing Personal Profiles, but connecting clients with providers for more professionals guidance. 

2. Since February we have updates which include a more comprehensive tool that’s best interpreted with provider collaboration. Anybody who takes the assessment should have their provider contact us for their results. 

3. Most importantly,  there’s no longer any personally identifiable  information (PHI) obtained, so their results are fully protected from anyone tying their results to them, except their provider.  

Please listen and let us know what you think:


Joyce Ann McGinn


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