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Saving Lives From the Ground Up

Hi Everyone,

We recently attended the Midwest Opioid Response Innovation Conference 2020 held at MATTER in Chicago. The lost opportunity to get a 60 year old man, living in the streets, into an addiction treatment program, noted in my last email, was sharply contrasted with the innovative ways communities are working together in Indiana, W. Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Their objectives: to make sure that those in need are getting to treatment facilities.

"You know this person!" He is a man who lost his high level executive job and had been living in the streets for 10 years due to his struggles with addiction. Because of an Indiana outreach program that includes coordination of emergency services with treatment facilities, he is now substance free and living a productive life.

A take-away from the conference? Ignoring issues doesn't make them go away and it's paramount that everybody be given a chance at health. It starts from the ground up and working together from all angles to solve this addiction epidemic.

Compris believes that assessing and treating addictions as the chronic illnesses that they are, will improve informed and effective treatments toward more sustained answers to successfully manage this illness.

Compris's new paradigm includes the following seven well established illness parameters: prevention, acuity, severity, risk, resilience, readiness and remission.

Please help us more effectively manage this chronic illness. Contact us, learn more, or help us spread the word by sharing us on social media.

Thank you.

Joyce Ann and Calvin McGinn


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