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Ready or not. Here comes treatment

Hello everyone,

An important predictor of treatment success is how ready the person is for the treatment at the time they are getting it.

How do we know someone is ready and to what extent? Can a person benefit from treatment even if they are only partially ready? Can a person benefit from treatment if they are not at all ready?

We believe that even if a person is not ready for treatment, it's still important to educate them about their treatment options and prognosis, and if they are willing, to expose them to the treatment that would best meet their needs. Being in a healthy environment even if they aren't ready, is better than being in an unhealthy environment. That said, the effectiveness of that treatment may be limited depending on how much a person is able to engage. Knowing readiness for treatment at the time of the assessment helps healthcare providers guide them to share feelings about their illness and any hesitancies to become fully engaged in treatment.

The McRISC Ready Meter© helps people identify this level of readiness. It's always better to have more information to draw upon, so that a person can make an informed choice about the direction of their treatment and how their readiness plays a role.

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Thank you,

Joyce Ann McGinn


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