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Compris' one-of-a-kind predictive technology saves lives

Did you know that current addiction tools can't predict risk or help prevent addictions? That's because addictions are still assessed and treated as acute problems instead of chronic illnesses.

But what if we had a precision care prevention tool for substance misuse and those at risk?

Compris is a first-of-its-kind digital addiction risk and remission assessment. Our innovative BUILD® model’s proprietary predictive technology is designed to save lives and money.

While the technology is complex, the assessment is easy. Available in English and Spanish, Its immediately downloadable individualized guide helps people understand their risks and strengths and empowers them to start their wellness journey, including finding a provider, without breaching confidentiality. Once ready for help, Compris’ risk-stratification offers clinicians instantaneous documentation, including optimal level of care, targeted prevention, treatment, and medication recommendations.

Our mission is to make precision addiction care accessible and stigma-free so that everyone can get the help they deserve to live a healthy and resilient life.

By treating addictions like other chronic illnesses, Compris shifts the conversation from stigma to inclusion—turning substance misuse behaviors into opportunities to build resilience at work, home, and school, as well as in institutional settings such as jails.

Ask us how we can help with workplace wellness. Providers, please sign up for your free trial.

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Stay safe and healthy,

Thank you,

Joyce and Calvin


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