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Compris' prediction and prevention will make waves in 2023

Hi Everyone,

Wow! What a busy year it's been for us. We've been working hard to make Compris the best tool out there for people suffering with, or at risk for addictions. Thank you for the help and support we've received from many of you, especially those adding to our data by taking the assessment, participating in our pilot studies, giving us valuable insights, or trusting Compris to work in your programs.

Here's what we've learned and are grateful for today.

Our tool really works and we have data that shows this.

Our 15-minute tool can reliably identify people with low, moderate, and high risk of developing a substance addiction. It shows that people with addictions, or in recovery, have quantifiably higher risk as well as lower resilience resources, vs those without substance misuse. It also shows that those in recovery average twice as many substances and for twice as long, under age 30.

Compris is gaining recognition, momentum, and support from key stakeholders.

We have presented at local and global conferences including Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM), the Forum for Behavioral Sciences and Family Medicine, finalists in two health tech pitch competitions, plus numerous meetings with healthcare leaders in this space. Our co-founder, Calvin, joined Become by Oberit, as their clinical advisor, and Compris is part of the Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit in Colorado.

There are people doing really good things to help those in need, despite the appearance otherwise, at times.

There were many times this year that we felt the weight of inequities, as well as what seemed to be limited empathy. Yet, in the process of outreach this year, I have been truly heartened by the incredibly innovative, life-giving undertakings people are engaged with to help others, some out of their own experiences, and others simply wanting to make a difference. This ranges from behavioral health, peer recovery coaching and educational digital apps, health systems bringing treatment to those who would otherwise fall through the cracks, and providers who bring the most state-of-the-art interventions to addiction treatment across numerous populations. And that's just the beginning.

We're proud of our direction and mission to change the paradigm of how this illness has been managed.

Compris is an affordable, accessible, precision tool ideal for those at risk or struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Without compromising privacy, it bridges the gap between those untreated and healthcare solutions.

Compris is the only evidence-based chronic illness management assessment for addictions. It can predict risk, prevent onset, and promote lifelong recovery. In English and Spanish, our one-of-a-kind, online diagnostic integrates five validated screens that offer clinicians quick turnaround reporting, optimal level of care, targeted prevention and treatment, and CPT billing codes. Clients immediately receive an individualized wellness profile with next steps, including finding a provider.

Organizations can save $8,500 per person with one year of recovery. Compris can be easily integrated into benefits packages and employee assistance programs to start connecting employees with the right treatment. It can also be used as a resource in toolkits as part of incentive programs that reward employees for specific actions. And because it's completely anonymous, employers don't know who has taken the assessment, nor can they see anyone's private results, but Compris can provide aggregate data to help them target programs that match the needs of their employees.

By treating addictions like other chronic illnesses, Compris shifts the conversation from stigma to inclusion—turning substance misuse behaviors into opportunities to build resilience at work, home, school, and the military, as well as in institutional settings such as jails.

There's still tons of work to be done and we will continue to fight for equitable assessment and management of addictions into 2023. If you haven't taken the assessment, please help us continue to collect valuable data to help those struggling with addictions. You might also learn something new about yourself. You can do so at our newish website.

Happy Holidays. Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you.

Joyce and Calvin


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