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Learn how employers save $8,700 and employees start feeling better

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce that you can now take the assessment and receive Compris' new actionable Wellness Profile. This includes your addiction risk, substance illness history, remission odds, resilience profile, prevention strategies, current motivation, next steps, and how to find a provider, if desired. Compris' branching questions only ask what's relevant to you, Plus, it's completely anonymous.

Compris is the perfect addition to employee wellness programs. It provides employee assistance programs (EAP) the tool to assess, predict risk, and refer employees to treatment with its individualized guidance. Employers average $8,726 savings per employee in recovery (National Safety Council). Payors can anticipate saving $20,400 per person in recovery per year. Plus, providers can receive insurance reimbursement for this disruptive digital assessment, prevention and intervention guide. We are offering employee assistance, wellness programs, and providers, 60-day free trials with unlimited assessments.

It's a win-win for all and can help so many!

Compris puts the power to request research-informed addiction support into the hands of the consumers struggling with it. This will foster hope and resilience, create healthier and more productive employees, and reduce lost wages, employee turnover and replacement costs. To learn more about how to join us, please visit our website or contact us. Providers, sign up here to see how Compris informs and assists you in your practices.

Please help us reduce the opioid epidemic by assisting us in collecting data by taking the assessment. Your input will better inform us how best to treat this deadly, yet manageable, disease.

Thanks for your continued support.

Stay safe and healthy,

Joyce and Calvin McGinn


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