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De-stigmatizing substance addictions will save lives.

Hello everyone,

  • 193 people die of a substance overdose daily in the US alone. 

  • Only 10% of the people with addictions get treatment. 

  • Less than half of the US counties provide standard of care medication to treat this disease.

  • Other countries are also struggling with this deadly disease

In 1956, the AMA declared alcoholism as an illness, and by the 1990’s, healthcare providers understood that substance addictions were chronic diseases with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors. 

Yet, over 30 years later, the medical community continues to overlook well known treatment-informing research that can save lives.

Why aren’t substance addictions treated like other chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease? Why aren’t there standard guidelines for treatment based on life-long risk factors? Why are addiction medication prescribers in such short supply?

Stigma! Pure and simple.

It’s time to de-stigmatize substance addiction by finally reframing them as chronic illnesses. Our tool does just that and brings our assessment to anyone with internet access or a smart phone. 

Please help us end the opioid epidemic by liking and following our Facebook page. We will have more to say about our assessment tool. Please stay tuned.

Thank you,

Joyce and Calvin McGinn


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