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Compris Presents to BCBS: Reducing Stigma is Key to Population Health

Compris recently completed an invaluable 3-month accelerator program with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL). During our mentorship, we had consistent feedback from our mentors and other subject matter experts, including BCBS of Illinois and Texas' leadership, confirming the value of what we’ve developed. (Please see how we are featured in their news release.)

As clinicians, we know our risk assessment is headed in the right direction, backed by five validated tools and a sixth not far behind. Maybe the best evidence of Compris’ trusted methodology is its capacity to fill a huge measurement gap between addictions and every other condition. Compris is about identifying more, treating better, and recovering longer: the three critical components of any chronic illness management plan. Compris is simply bringing the same proven population health strategy, with an equivalent, measurable focus, on behalf of those struggling with the most stigmatized illness of all. During our mentorship, we learned that payors incentivize providers to improve their treatment outcomes with evidence-based measurements for most conditions, but not currently for addiction care. Compris can help address this with quantified interval assessments that increase provider accountability for managing this illness as well. Our digital architecture not only expands access to care, but also leverages data to close current care disparities. Compris offers a wide range of useful data points such as DSM-5 severity and misuse markers (across five timelines), ER visits, hospitalizations, comorbid illnesses, social determinants, behavioral health, and resilience gains, to name a few. Once we integrate into provider EHRs, we can help identify the causes and solutions to many population health challenges. Compris is far more than an assessment tool. It offers actionable prevention guidance to avoid onset and sustain longer remissions. Compris’ risk-stratification offers clinicians quick turnaround reporting and recommendations including optimal level of care, targeted prevention, withdrawal management, medication selection, resilience training, contingency management, co-occurring support, and smoking cessation. Available online in English and Spanish, Compris takes 15-30 minutes to complete, and delivers the results immediately, including a client-friendly wellness profile. We are grateful for BCBSIL's support along with MATTER Health, who organized and coordinated the accelerator program. Our Blue Cross mentors invited exploration, answering our questions or directing us to those who were able to bring answers. All in all, there was a concordance among Blue Cross leadership that our tool is trustworthy and moving in the right direction towards health equity and population health. Click here to learn more. Providers, please sign up for a trial to help us end the addiction epidemic at Thank you for your ongoing support. Stay safe and healthy. Joyce Ann and Calvin McGinn


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