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Compris Partners With Innovia Behavioral Health

Good things are happening with Compris! As part of our commitment to behavioral health innovation and mission to provide accessible care, Compris is proud to announce our partnership with Innovia Behavioral Health. Innovia is the first of its kind subscription-based behavioral health prevention and maintenance organization, offering educational, experiential, and therapeutic support groups in English and Spanish. Compris is a digital assessment that predicts addiction risk, prevents onset, and promotes lifelong recovery. In about 15 minutes, Compris’ one-of-a-kind, anonymous tool measures risk and resilience, and delivers an immediate assessment with next steps– the Compris Wellness Report. In English and Spanish, it’s ideal for those prone to, or struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, or PTSD. With Compris, you can: · Predict your risk and wellness odds. · Know your motivations. · Build internal resilience. Compris and Innovia are perfect companions. Together, we deliver both the roadmap and support resources for greater resilience and lasting health. If you’re interested in joining Innovia as a member, you can save 20% off your monthly membership fee by using the promo code COMPRIS. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you. Joyce and Calvin


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