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Compris Founders Speak about their Vision of Treatment Parity for those Suffering with Addictions

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to share our new 5-minute video, Compris Interview 2020. In it, we talk about

our pathway to becoming startup founders, our challenges, perseverance, and progress.

Compris offers the most comprehensive addiction diagnostics and is the only substance use risk-stratification assessment available today. Patients take an online, 10–20 minute self-report, and the ComprisCare Profile© is delivered to providers within minutes of completion. Designed for immediate access and optimal use by those treating or referring people at risk, Compris can be used to help guide telehealth treatment for anyone, anywhere with internet access.

Please join us in the battle against the addiction epidemic! We’ve got an abundance of information on our website, which we invite you to visit here for much more information.

We hope you have found creative ways to share time with friends and family, and still stay safe and healthy.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Joyce Ann and Calvin McGinn


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