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Compris Finalist in Health Tech Challenge and Presents at Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine

Hi Everyone,

It's been a minute since our last email. We've been busier than ever ramping up our outreach, and it's paying off. Just this week, we competed as finalists in the international Healthtech Challenger 2022 in the workplace Wellness category. Although we were unable to make the trek to Poland, we were very excited to share Compris and affirm our progress. Last week our presentation was well received at to the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM-SMCA) conference in freezing, but beautiful Saskatoon, Canada, where we talked about Compris' latest pilot in peer recovery and a walk-in center for those homeless.

What else have we been up to? We've made positive product changes in response to our stakeholders, including shortening the assessment and providing a wellness report for consumers. We've redesigned our website, created all sorts of informational materials, and continue with our pilot studies.

It's been five years since Calvin and I set out to address addiction healthcare equity and inclusion. Sadly, the addiction stigma is still very real and prevalent, but we forge ahead anyway. And we're heartened by our collaborative conversations with wonderful people who have amazing innovations and missions, from working with employee wellness programs, addiction recovery mobile applications, drug court reporting, diversity, equity and inclusion projects, and forward-thinking healthcare providers.

Post pandemic and social stressors are causing substance use across all populations. Eighty percent of people with substance misuse are in the workforce. Resiliency and support systems are more needed than ever, especially in the workplace. This is where Compris comes in. Our digital precision tool for substance use and those at risk, can predict their risk, prevent onset, and promote long term recovery.

In English and Spanish, it’s ideal for those at risk or struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, or PTSD across multiple fields. In about 10-20 minutes, our one of a kind, online diagnostic immediately delivers actionable guidance and next steps. Compris integrates five validated screens. It offers quick turnaround provider reports that recommend optimal level of care, targeted prevention and treatment.

We'd love to talk with you and get you on board. Please contact us for a demo.

Stay safe and healthy,

Thank you.

Joyce and Calvin


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