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Building Resilience: A Free Master Class by Compris

Calvin, Compris' co-founder and CEO, is thrilled to kick-off his new clinical advisory role with Oberit, with a free online master class about building resilience. Oberit is a rewards-based wellness app, and Become by Oberit, a neuro-recovery program & community. If you missed our Master Class on resilience, please catch this exciting learning experience here on video.

Resilience is a part of healthy living for all of us, and especially crucial for those who struggle with chronic conditions, such as addictions, diabetes, obesity, or heart disease. Building resilience (or recovery capital) is a lifelong endeavor, and key in early intervention for those at-risk or working towards recovery.

In a recent blog by Nora Volkow, NIDA's director, she talked about pre-addictions, impressing upon us that people need to be treated before they hit "rock bottom". Compris believes that to solve the opioid epidemic, we must treat those at-risk or with addictions as we do every other chronic illness, beginning with assessment and early intervention. Compris' predictive tool matches the level of assessment specificity used for every other chronic condition with its innovative risk factor analysis, motivational engagement scale, resilience resources, substance usage trends, and illness diagnostics.

In other words, with Compris, there's finally a comprehensive tool for addiction prevention.

Beyond addictions, Compris identifies those struggling with depression, anxiety, or PTSD, as well as other stressors in their lives. In English and Spanish, in about 15 minutes, our one of a kind, online diagnostic immediately delivers actionable guidance and next steps to both consumers and providers, including resilience training, level of care and medication selection.

By treating addictions like other chronic illnesses, Compris shifts the conversation from stigma to inclusion—turning substance misuse behaviors into opportunities to build resilience at work, home, school, and the military, as well as in institutional settings such as jails.

Please help us shift this conversation. The first step is to help us collect data by taking the anonymous assessment yourself. To learn more, visit

Stay safe and healthy,

Thank you.

Joyce and Calvin


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