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Addiction: the chronic illness that requires more evidence-based attention

A 60 year old homeless physician was treated at an emergency room due to an overdose. He developed an opioid addiction after being treated for pain. Stigma would tell us that he “should have known better”, but research tells us that addictions can effect anyone. Why? Because chronic illnesses, such as addictions, do not choose their casualties. 

Let's talk about the evidence-based risk factors that contribute to addiction risk, illness severity, and likelihood of sustaining remission. For the first time, with Compris’s B.U.I.L.D.© model, five key risk factors have been combined to help risk stratify the addiction population. These include: 

  1. Blueprint (genetics and epigenetics)

  2. User Traits (impulsivity, motivation, attraction, tolerance, entrapment, quits, relapses)

  3. Injured developing brain (onset of substance use and continued use)

  4. Life stress and trauma (critical life events)

  5. Damage from use (includes continued substance misuse despite the harm incurred)

Our ComprisCare Profile ranks the individual’s B.U.I.L.D© risk factors from most to least significant, calculates the significance for each category, and details the specific factors that contribute to each individual’s addiction risk and likelihood of sustaining remission. 

Other components of the Compris assessment include the following: DSM-5 and Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI) for Substance Use Disorders illness diagnoses and severity; Addiction Resilience Resources© necessary for illness prevention and sustained remission; subjective severity, illness denial, readiness and Motivated Engagement© for treatment; and an individualized prevention and treatment plan.

Compris’s calibrated interactive data paves the way for advancing addiction assessment and treatment with its game-changing comprehensive diagnostics. This easily accessible, 10-minute online assessment delivers the ComprisCare Profile© to providers within minutes of completion.

We'll talk more in depth about other areas of the ComprisCare Profile in future emails.

Stay tuned.

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Joyce and Calvin


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