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Addiction Assessment, Prevention, Treatment: One Size Does Not Fit All

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve gone “back to basics” about what we are doing and why we feel Compris is so important.

We’ve got an abundance of information on our website, which we invite you to visit, but for those who prefer the abbreviated version, here it is:

Compris offers the most comprehensive addiction diagnostics and is the only substance use risk-stratification assessment available today. We believe it’s critical to helping end the addiction epidemic in the following ways:

  • Predicts lifetime addiction risk to help prevent it;

  • Assesses a person’s likelihood of sustaining remission (remaining substance free);

  • Provides the best prevention and treatment guidance based on the most current research, including the Compris level of care placement©;

  • Creates an unprecedented source of data for further addiction research, and development of new treatments.

The Compris Assessment© is available online, to anyone with internet access or a smartphone. This self-report assessment averages 10–20 minutes to complete, and immediately delivers our Compris Profile©, a targeted prevention and treatment guide for providers in healthcare or criminal justice reform.

Why did we create the Compris Assessment© and ComprisCare Profile©?

Addictions have been assessed and treated as acute illnesses even though the research shows they are chronic relapsing illnesses. We saw what was missing in the healthcare community’s one size fits all approach to this illness, and couldn’t sit idly by when we had a solution that could save lives.

Our objective is to break down key barriers to treating those with addictions by,

  1. De-stigmatizing substance addictions and reframing them as chronic illnesses;

  2. Facilitating accessible addiction prevention and treatment regardless of socio-economic, location, or language.

  3. Bringing more providers into the fight by providing them with an evidence-based tool.

Please join us in the battle against the addiction epidemic! For much more information, please contact us, or join us, If you've already been at our site, please share this with others on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Remember: One size does not fit all those suffering with addictions.

Stay healthy.

Thank you.

Joyce Ann and Calvin McGinn


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