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Compris understands how resilience and motivation guide healthy choices

We recently had the honor to present at the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (NACBT) international conference, The participants received our risk and resilience assessment, motivation scale, and learning tools, with enthusiasm.

We'd like to share some key points we covered: Resilience comes from the positive things in life that help manage everything else. That's why any serious prevention and treatment plan for an addiction-free life includes resilience training. Compris' Resilience Profile© includes the following four natural groupings of positive resources for sustaining illness remission: objective (safety, sleep, nutrition, etc.), personal (values, purpose, attitudes, etc.), relational (support systems, belonging, etc.), and active (interests, problem-solving, mindfulness, etc.)

Compris' Motivation Scale© asks how READY or ENGAGED a person is in exploring greater wellness in their life. Compris' 11-point continuum divides motivation into three areas: negative (not interested or externally focused, such as feeling guilty or pressured), conflicted (confused, weighing risks, losses or consequences) and positive (ready for steps toward a healthier life).

With the aid of Compris' Resilience Profile© and innovative Motivation Scale©, therapists can provide a roadmap to guide people toward recovery, yet building a trusting relationship is key. When addressing wellness motivation with a client, it's so important to be curious, patient, nonjudgemental, and compassionate, where ever they are on the motivation scale.

Compris offers the first to market addiction prevention and targeted treatment guide with risk stratification at its core. It's an innovative, risk-measured, stigma-reducing tool that offers practice and outcome parity consistent with every other chronic illness. It's fully automated, takes just 5 minutes for providers to administer, 20-30 minutes for patients to fill in the checklists, and delivers a comprehensive, 7-page report within minutes of completion.

Compris provides therapists an additional tool to assess, predict risk, and guide targeted prevention and treatment. Fostering hope and resilience creates healthier individuals and steps towards sustained remission. Compris seeks partners to join our free pilot, please visit to participate.

Stay healthy and safe.

Thank you.

Joyce Ann and Calvin McGinn


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