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Say Hello to Compris: Our New Name

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 2020. We are so excited to announce our new name: Compris (pronounced Kompree). Compris is the French word for "understood", and has multiple meanings such as "inclusive", "figured out", and "got it".

Well, we've got it. Compris offers the most comprehensive addiction diagnostics available today. This game-changing new paradigm reflects the research that helps inform the solutions to this chronic disease.

Committed to helping healthcare providers better serve those suffering with addictions, we deliver the most complete risk-stratified prevention and treatment plan for tobacco, alcohol, recreational and prescription drugs, including level of care placement. Compris integrates the gold standard DSM-5 diagnostics, Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI), evidence-based lifelong risk and resilience factors, plus denial, motivation, and readiness for treatment.

This easily accessible, 10-minute online assessment delivers a detailed report, our ComprisCare Profile, to providers within three minutes of completion. It can be used by addictions specialists, primary care practices, emergency rooms, and criminal justice reform.

We'll share more details about our 3-page ComprisCare Profile in upcoming posts.

If you would like to learn more, please take at look at our new website,, contact us or partner with us.

Thank you.

Happy New Year!

Joyce Ann and Calvin McGinn


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