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Compris Welcomes New Business Development Advisor

2023 Is proving to be the year for Compris!

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch to our team in the role of Business Development Advisor.

Nicole brings to the table a mix of creative and business skills that comes from 20+ years working with startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 clients.

Over the last year, Nicole has become an integral part of Compris. She’s been instrumental to guiding our business strategy pivot and partnership development.

On a personal level, Nicole believes in Compris’ mission to shift the conversation around behavioral health and substance use disorder, to focus on prevention and creating lasting wellness.

Asked about what drew her to Compris, Nicole replied, “As people have become more open about mental health and substance misuse, it’s clear that there’s almost no one who isn’t affected by these issues. Compris offers a new way to reach people early, without stigma, in a way that empowers them.”

Nicole holds a Master's degree in Graphic Communications Management & Technology from NYU. We look forward to continuing to move Compris forward with her help.

For more information about Compris, please ask for a demo.

Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you.

Joyce and Calvin


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