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Why aren't more doctors treating addictions?

Hi Everyone, Did you know? Doctors and other medication prescribers are required to get a special waiver in order to prescribe medications to treat substance addictions, yet they can prescribe any medication for other illnesses without extra certification. Doctors are also limited by how much medication they can prescribe if it's for someone with substance addiction, but no limitations on medication for other illnesses. The growing epidemic needs more healthcare providers, but this added scrutiny discourages many from treating those suffering from addictions.

Many locations don't have both medication-assisted treatment and other interventions available, both because of the added certification required, and the lack of standard guidelines. Even though it can be helpful to treat the person with the type of intervention that is accessible, the most effective and ideal substance addiction treatment includes collaboration between medication prescribers and behavioral health programs.

Most of us know that addictions are chronic diseases because they do last a lifetime, even if the person stops using the substance. McRISC© can provide more evidence-based treatment protocols for addictions. Its results tell treatment providers the best medicine for a given risk level. This will encourage more medication prescribers to treat this deadly disease with more confidence. Please spread the word by sharing this with your friends, families, and those who have been touched by this disease. Follow and share our Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin pages. Thank you for reading this. Joyce Ann McGinn


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