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Getting to the right treatment at the right time.

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Hello everyone,

Many people with substance addictions have been through the revolving door of treatment, getting the wrong treatment, or at the wrong time because assessments aren't capturing and accounting for life-long risk factors. At some point, people suffering with this illness may give up on sustaining remission, which is often fatal.

Let’s talk about how McRISC© gets people to the right treatment at the right time, first by understanding what's important to find out about them. 

McRISC© assesses elements that are known to contribute to substance misuse, such as genetics, life stressors and how they manage them, early exposure to substances, and brain illnesses. These answers are factored into recommendations that will bring them the most success.

For some, the best treatment takes people out of their environment to completely immerse them into programs, such as inpatient settings.  For others, remaining in their home is more advantageous. Support groups and out-patient therapies may be required so that they can continually learn to make healthy choices while still in an environment that may challenge or trigger them.

Some medications used to treat substance addictions require detox, and others do not. How do we know who will tolerate detox and who won't? There are no guidelines for which medications are best for which people, based on life-long risk factors.

McRISC© offers the best level of care treatment guidance, including medication selection and duration. And it's just 10 minutes to take the assessment.

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Joyce Ann McGinn

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